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  // November 22, 2004 ISO 0, 100mm, Nikon F80, E100VS slides (more •)

Moving on from Himachal, in the next few posts, I'll put up photos from my Coorg escapades. Actually I visited Coorg before Himachal but did not post any of the photos from that collection.

The slides you can see here are from the Namdroling Monastery located in Mysore district, Karnataka. Bylakuppe, home to the monastery is one of the largest Tibetian settlements in India. It was realy surprising for the first time to see Tibetians in a South Indian state. Half hour before the village there is absolutely no clue of what awaits you. When you reach the village, all you around is kilometers of Tibetian monks. The monastery is beautifully done from the outside (bottom) and more meticulously from the inside. As is with Buddhist monasteries, the statues are exquisitely done in Tibetian art style. The lustre that the statue radiates tells they must be plated in pure gold. Apart from the uperb art, what I love in a monastery is the peace and calm you feel as soon as you enter. Almost magically, you feel so relaxed and feel like staying there longer.

Update: A couple of people mailed me asking about the slide film I use. For the photos on this page I have used Kodak E100VS (ISO100) film. It has very low grain and vivid colours and that's visible from these photos. But of late, I have started using and liking the amazing Fujifilm Provia 400F (ISO400). The ISO 400 gives good flexibility in photographing in tight situations while maintaining low grain.

Inside Namdroling Monastery

The Prayer Hall

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