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Misc stained birla

The Divine Trinity

  // March 28, 2005 ISO 0 (more •)

A painting of Saint Tulsidas writing the Rama Charit Manas, on one of the glass windows at the Birla Temple, Jaipur. And you can see the divine trinity of Ram(centre), Lakshman(right) & Seeta (left). The Ram Charit Manas, also known as Tulsi Ramayan, narrates the divine story of Lord Rama, in Awadhi, a dialect in central Uttar Pradesh, India. Its most famous product is the Hanuman Chalisa and the Ram Lilas - the enactment of Lord Rama's life in the form of plays.Taken on a Fujifilm Provia 400F. From a photographer's point of view, can you notice a discrepancy in the slide?

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