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Pan brhills road
Pan brhills road

Road to BR Hills

  // September 09, 2003 (Click on image to see panaroma)

One of the many interesting landscapes on the way to K Gudi in BR Hills. It is named so after the Biligiri Rangaswamy Temple situated on the edge of a 1000ft granite rock in the forest. The forest is a wildlife sanctuary and famous mainly for bisons and Veerappan, the sandalwood thief. Although people have sighted a few tigers too. The best part of BR Hills are the jungle treks. Thank God I never saw Veerappan but I did see STFlt;/acronym> patrols in the jungle. And a few animals too - bison, elephants, barking deer, sambars, sloths, langurs, wild boar and the utterly common cheetal.

More information on going there is found here.

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