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Pan tibetian museum
Pan tibetian museum

Tibet Museum

  // June 21, 2004 (Click on image to see panaroma)

Situated above the Kangra valley and on the Dhauladhar mountain range of Himachal Pradesh, Dharamsala is the headquarters of the Tibetian govt-in-exile. Also called the Little Lhasa in India, it is home to 8000 Tibetian refugees exiled from Tibet. You can read more about the history of Dharamsala.

The Tibet Museum (above) dcuments and exhibits the past and present of Tibet and its people. It also displays photos showing the illegal Chinese invasion of Tibet in 1949, the inhumane killings of Tibetians and destruction of their holy places, the mass massacres, prison tortures and all that you would normally associate with Hitler. Sometimes even worse. Find more information about the Tibetian movement at tibet.com, tibetinfo.net and tibet.org

(Filed in Dharamsala)